Discipline is Mandatory for the Process

By Tequila Cheatham

There is an art to success. Every goal that’s been accomplished has been because of one particular ingredient: discipline.
According to dictionary.com, by definition, discipline is “training to act in accordance with rules; drill, activity, exercise, or a regimen that develops or improves a skill; training” which means anything we desire, whether it be bringing up a credit score to buy a home, to cook your first meal, or to run your first marathon, it takes having a certain mindset to get you through the process. If you change the way you think, meaning rephrasing every negative comment that ever comes to your mind and out of your mouth, and work on doing that every day, you are practicing discipline. What you tell yourself effects your way of thinking and your actions, or lack thereof.
Having discipline means you are keeping yourself on a path to reflect nature, meaning you’re adapting to what happens in your environment, working to maintain its upkeep, and allowing it to make you grow. When you grow, it will inspire the world around you to do the same.
For instance, go to the park, and watch the squirrels. One thing you should notice about the squirrels is they collect food every day for today, tomorrow, and for the upcoming seasons. They dodge cars, people, and inclement weather but, they don’t let it stop their mission. Yes, some days they may come up short but, they get out there and make it happen. They are the epitome of training, getting daily exercise, and organizing their priorities in order to survive, and they have fun while they do it!
If you stick to being flexible while attending to your priorities, discipline will happen without thought, at some point, and will become a natural cycle. If you think openly, understanding will happen without much bias. If you stick to the routine of discipline, the process will project immense reward, especially in the spiritual realm.