Happily Taken

Featured Poem Written by Coi

You look at me like I’m familiar… but familiar feelings cannot fill the emptiness I feel behind your intentions

To the social media girl that believes flashing a smile in my inbox will get me in your box….
You have nothing to offer me and I have everything that I refuse to lose
I can speak it in any language you choose but I will only say it once
There will never be another woman at my woman’s back

She will never have to question whose picking up the slack she left behind because she leaves none
And my soul needs none but her
There’s no attention for you here so keeping moving
The pictures you see of my family cruising is not an invitation for you to cruise in
So go or begin losing more than you bargained for

I am a queen that operates like a king and my woman is not a girlfriend she is a wife

This is a PSA for your life…
Take heed… take heed… and concede
That I am happily taken


Featured, Written by V.Lynn

Just leave me where you found me

Blissfully unbothered

Heart unscathed

Return me as you found me

Since you can’t help but misbehave.

I’ll act like I don’t know you

Crack a slim smile

Stranger, you are

It’s clear that I don’t know you

How did I let you get this far?

Rewind like we were never us

And save your

Deliciously, coated lies

I’ll treat you like there was no us

Until this dumb love slowly dies.

…wait, come back my love.


I wish I was next to you

close up on your neck

smelling the scent of your cologne.

My face up against your chin,

feeling the softness of your skin,

kissing your jaw bone

and rough beard.

Do you semll

as strong as you look?

Your personality, an open book

The more I read you

I’m surprised by the twists

and turns

of your smile

when we meet