The Eight Sexiest 4-Letter Words to an Entrepreneur

By Tequila Cheatham McCray

  Listen, entrepreneurship is downright difficult. It requires a lot of time, patience, and putting in the work on a consistent basis. As passionate as you may be about your business, there is nothing fun and sexy about staying up late, forgetting to eat, neglecting family, and be a hermit for months at a time. At some point, you begin to question whether it is really worth it…but, oneday, one fine day, you are reminded how exciting entrepreneurship is when you hear or see the following words:

  1. Sold! Whew, chile there is nothing like seeing an on-demand customer who pays up front and centered. That moment you realize someone buys a product, invests in a service, or even if your event sells out, you may do a little victory dance and it gives you energy to carry out the next mission!
  2. Paid! There is nothing like checking your invoice to see that your customer made a first time, second, or third payment. Whether a returning customer or a new one, seeing those numbers in green inspire you to want to find more creative ways to get others to buy. Right?
  3. Full! If you plan an event and realize you have a packed house the day of, it is the most amazing feeling!  Those people believed in you enough to purchase a ticket to hear you speak in person. They could’ve easily watched the videos you post with quick tips but, they decided to come in-person hoping to meet you because in some small way, you give them courage and inspiration to not give up in their business, to push forward despite the difficulties. Talk about inspiring!
  4. Done! It takes hours to complete projects in order to put them out to the world. No matter if you’re taking hours to create a masterclass, a new design for an outfit, or writing a book, it takes time and persistence to get the project finished. When you finally put the last touch on a dress, or put the last period at the end of a sentence, you can take a deep breath and finally release the tension that was built up throughout the process. It’s such an incredible feeling to know you complete a project because it is one step closer to being released and available for customers.
  5. Sale! Whether you are doing a flash sale, or buying necessary inventory and training courses from another business, this word attracts anyone around the world! Everyone wants to catch a sale! It’s a great way to get rid of your current inventory while making a few quick bucks. It works great for both the business owner and the customer.
  6. Vend! Anytime there is a vending opportunity to meet new people, it causes such excitement. Welcoming a rush of people to your table, networking, and making cash on the spot is always worth it. Even if you don’t make as much as you’d want, at least your brand will be exposed to a new set of people who can potentially turn into customers in the future. That’s also a chance to build relationships which is important for business longevity.
  7. Grew! To know that you went from zero to one hundred customers is such a rewarding experience. Sure, it may have taken you a while but, you made it happen. Even if you only have three customers that is way better than the zero you started with, and even if you have none at the moment, keep putting out information to encourage someone to at least want to inquire about your business. That person may want to invest in you later on.
  8. Rest! Okay, just to be honest, this is probably the most unattractive of them all, initially. At first, it may not seem so appealing because you’re always going to feel like there’s work to be done and any moment you spend not contributing to your business can feel like a waste. Listen, resting is a part of your contribution to your business. You can’t overwork yourself to the point you’re stressed and not enjoying the process. Entrepreneurship is a journey, not a one day thing. Yes, it takes blood, sweat, tears, and sleepless nights but, it also calls for rest. You can’t be your best if you’re stressed (T-shirt moment! You heard it here first). Eventually, you will see how important it is to step away for a second to go do something you enjoy, or to go spend time with family. You’ll notice that you will feel recharged, refreshed, and ready to get going when you come back from your break.

 Man, if these words don’t make you want to put on your sexiest work outfit and strut to T.I.’ song, “You Can Tell How I Walk” then entrepreneurship may not be for you.

What other four letter words make you fan yourself? Phew!

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What You Tell Yourself Is Important

By Tequila Cheatham McCray

     Ever heard of the old saying: “You can talk to yourself but, don’t answer back,”? Answering yourself back would imply some type of mental instability, and would make people uncomfortable when you are around. What others think about you is not of importance, though. It is common to have conversations with self. Sometimes it is good to hash out mental chaos and clutter within the mind in order to make space for healthy thoughts.

It is so easy to tell yourself, “You can’t do that,” “That will only happen in your dreams,” or even worse, “I am such a failure.” You have told yourself over and over how much you stink but, how often do you feed yourself with positive words of affirmation? Everywhere you turn, there will be someone else you will compare yourself to, which will only water your self-doubt. There will always be someone else doing a bit more than you but, so what.

Remind yourself that you can do just as much as the next person, and if you cannot, don’t put so much pressure on yourself to where it creates an environment of stress. If you “Water what you want to grow; dehydrate what you want to wither away,” you will begin to find yourself shedding off dead weight. The thoughts you believe to be true play a major role in your work life, how you interact with others, and even down to the little words you may say in a simple conversation. It also has a major effect on your productivity levels, or lack of thereof.

Tell yourself the truth but make sure it is your truth. Make sure that whatever you see in the mirror is not a mere reflection of pain and fear rather courage and self-discovery. No one should be able to tell about you more than you can. If you’ve been told by others that you will never amount to anything, focus on what you know is your strong areas.
Create a personal mantra, and put it somewhere you can see it each day. Repeat it whenever the overwhelming, negative thoughts attempt to take over your mind, every morning when you awake, and each night before going to bed. You see, when you keep repeating messages in your head, you will start to believe them. If you’re constantly spewing words of hate and disempowerment, you will believe that you are powerless. If you aim to be the best worker, parent, entrepreneur, follower, artist etc., speak with conviction every day of your life, then act on it!

Start using the power of yes!

“Yes! I can make a huge sale today!”

“Yes! I can get through this!”

“Yes! I can be finished everything at a set time.”

“Yes! I can grind for 6 more hours after working 12 hours already!”

You are powerful. Start believing it.

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What Do You Need To Eliminate?

Photo Credit: experimentswithsuccess.com

By Tequila Cheatham


Your phone is beeping; Friends are calling to see what you are doing to celebrate the weekend.  Facebook is screaming for your attention. Thoughts about getting domestic work done are at the forefront of your brain, and you have yet to do anything for yourself. We have things pulling at our attention throughout the entire day. Our five senses can sometimes act as catalysts for distractions. It is up to us to filter out what needs to prioritization versus filtration in order to get things done. Here are a few suggestions for eliminating in some common distractions keeping you from being productive:

  1. Text friends simultaneously to tell them you will connect on your break, or at the end of your work day. That way, you will not think you are ignoring them, and it will put your mind at ease to having to return calls so no one will feel neglected. Having that feeling on your conscience does not help you have a clear mind.
  2. If you are hanging out with friends, make it a business outing. Take business cards to hand out, limit your drinking, and be mindful of your actions. You want your potential clients to judge your business based on your talent, not what they perceive in a relaxed environment. If your outing does not contribute to your productivity, it is not worth it to do.
  3. Television can serve as a major distraction unless you choose a specific set time to watch your favorite shows outside of your work schedule, while you’re not on the clock or doing work for your business. Whenever you choose to watch your favorite shows over getting work done, you’re basically saying that TV is more important than your grind. Unless you’re getting paid to watch TV for a living, you may want to shut it off.
  4. Overeating and drinking is another thing to consider eliminating. Overeating not only packs on pounds but, it also makes you full and immobile, lazy. Eating breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a small snack in between such as fruit or nuts is adequate. Consuming too many drinks will cause for many bathroom breaks taking away from productivity. Sure, drink water with a neutral pH to ensure you are absorbing the necessary minerals but, do it in increments, as oppose to sipping continuously. There is no need to take too many breaks.
  5. The main thing to remember when eliminating distractions is to focus on the task at hand. Similar to spending quality time with a loved one, your job or business requires your full and undivided attention. When you feel the need to work on another unfinished project, or start on an entirely new one, don’t do it! Write a note about the idea, and get back to what you were working on. As funny as it may sound, have some respect to work on and finish your current project.

The thing to remember when eliminating distractions is priority. What is more important: Talking to friends who are not helping you earn an income? Hanging out, and getting wasted to the point you have no energy to wake up and grind the next day? Watching already paid programs that are not contributing to your business? Eating away your anxiety only to gain weight and have another excuse for not handling your biz?

The point is you should not start on another project until you are finished with the first one. Not only should you finish the project, you should also focus on promoting it and getting the best results out of it since you’ve taken the time to create it! Time spent equals money that can be made; Use it wisely.

Stop giving your distractions power, and focus.