Kid Again


By Tequila Cheatham McCray

I want to be
A kid again.
No pressure
To do everything
Just wake up
Winging it.
No worries of
Losing weight,
Just eating,
What life has
To offer.
No judgements,
Only curious
About the color
Of leaves
In the fall,
Playing with dolls,
And basketball.
No political correctness
Just, free
To be
In a world that forbids
Without calling
It a crime.
Willingness to learn
Without information
Spoiling the fun.
I want to run,
And chase
In a dress
And sneakers.
Trip over
Loose shoe strings
And cry
Not because of pain
Not because the scrape
Is ugly
And everyone will see
And make fun of me
But because someone
Will be there to help
Pick up the pieces
I left on the ground
After realizing
I have many more times
In life to get it right.

Things To Do To Bond With Your Child

By Tequila Cheatham


      I always say: My son is the bestfriend to the little girl that lives in me. I can be a goofy person sometimes but, to him, I’m a comedian. While in the womb, I found different ways for us to connect. I would listen to relaxing music such as jazz or Chinese instrumentals, and could feel him gracefully swimming in my belly. I would have conversations with him as if he was in my arms. My son and I have done many fun things together which made our bond even stronger. We’ve done activities such as:

  1. Sing and Dance (our favorite)
  2. Cook
  3. Meditate/Pray
  4. Exercise
  5. Play with toys
  6. Card Games
  7. Board Games
  8. Taking walks
  9. The Park
  10. Outdoor/indoor movie night
  11. Food/ice cream Dates
  12. Sports of all types
  13. Read books
  14. Research questions about their animals
  15. Building a forte from sofa pillows
  16. Laugh
  17. Attend a local fair
  18. Chase squirrels and birds
  19. Color/painting in coloring books
  20. Visit an aquarium
  21. Kite flying
  22. science experiments
  23. feed the birds outside
  24. Hide-and-seek
  25. Take a road trip to the next state!

This is more of a general list of things to do with your kid, and they are also things you can do with your mate! There is only a slight difference between hanging out with your mate versus your kid(s). Your child may not be willing to walk around the neighborhood in the hot sun, but there is always something fun to do.  All of these can be exciting for you and your child as long as it is not looked upon as an extra chore. We all require time to connect and strengthen our bonds no matter the age or gender. Recreation builds imagination and releases stress that is built up on a daily basis at home, work, and school. No matter how busy our lives may be, we have to remember to be a kid with our kids sometimes. When they become adults, they will look back on the quality time spent together and will want to continue on with that friendship and connection. What better way to experience life and adventure other than with the people they love. Eventually, they will pass down their adventurous nature to their own children someday which will, ultimately, create a chain reaction of free spirited human beings.

What are some things you enjoy doing with your child?


Keep A Diary: Record Every Moment from Test to Birth

Keep a Diary; Record Every Moment Every Moment from Test to Birth

By Tequila Cheatham

“I’m What? Pregnant?” It is natural for me to write about my life experiences. The moment I took my first pregnancy test, I began documenting everything from physical and hormonal transformations to the relationship I had with my husband and extended family. My first pregnancy was a pivotal moment in my life. I went through a series of changes to become the woman and mother that I am today. My life has changed forever. Now, I have something for my son to look back on and laugh at when he gets older. I even hope it gives him insight on what to expect when his future wife goes through the motions of pregnancy, and assist him on knowing how to react under certain circumstances.

From questions about sexual pleasure to feelings of low self-esteem, I made sure to record it all. In October 2010, I cried when Maury said, “You are NOT the father.” Immediately, there was a stream of tears flowing from my eyes. It wasn’t funny back then, but it sure is hilarious now. I went from feeling joyous to feeling like an alien to postpartum depression all within a nine month time frame. It’s interesting to look back on your recorded weight gain, eating habits, sleeping patterns, and compare them to your current situation. You realize, you’re no longer the person you used to be. It’s called, growth.

What is even more precious is reminiscing about the gasping sounds made when the pregnancy test revealed positive results; then watching your child become a little person right before your eyes.  Keeping a diary is a reminder that motherhood is connected to womanhood. Pay attention to your growth and live in every second for you are apart of and are witnessing a miracle.

Peace & Love

Picture0960 diary

Y & <3