Kid Again


By Tequila Cheatham McCray

I want to be
A kid again.
No pressure
To do everything
Just wake up
Winging it.
No worries of
Losing weight,
Just eating,
What life has
To offer.
No judgements,
Only curious
About the color
Of leaves
In the fall,
Playing with dolls,
And basketball.
No political correctness
Just, free
To be
In a world that forbids
Without calling
It a crime.
Willingness to learn
Without information
Spoiling the fun.
I want to run,
And chase
In a dress
And sneakers.
Trip over
Loose shoe strings
And cry
Not because of pain
Not because the scrape
Is ugly
And everyone will see
And make fun of me
But because someone
Will be there to help
Pick up the pieces
I left on the ground
After realizing
I have many more times
In life to get it right.