By Tequila C.

I want to run and hide
In you
Need to feel your arms
wrapped around my soul.
Need to rest my head
On your chest, my pillow.
Need the tears to flow,
A stream of ugly cry.
Need your spirit to
Pull me apart and your heart
To put me back together.
Need to feel the warmness
Of your body
To melt what has been frozen,
And speak life into areas of me
That remain unspoken.
Need your love as a reminder to keep going.
Your arms intertwined around my corpse
Like vines
Of melanin brown and green leaves.
Bleed red monthly,
Chunks of tissues
Filled with blue
For a womb under used.
My want for you needs you
But I don’t want it to because
As my head sinks more in your breast, comfortable
I’m remembering why
I need a hug in a first place…

Backing up,
In a hurry, I scurry,
There is no safe
in your arms.
The only space
I wanted to hide,
Behind the shadows
Of the dark
In which I thought
Would protect me
Until mourning.