Starting A Small Business

Starting a Small Business

By Tequila Cheatham


Let’s be honest: Starting a small business is not easy. It requires time, effort, patience, consistency, and constant updating of skills in order to be successful. It also requires money. No matter the type of business one wishes to start, there are universal steps for everyone to take in order to get the process going. This is what I’ve learned so far on my entrepreneurial journey:

  1. Know what you want! The starting point of it all, is knowing yourself, what you like to do, your strengths, and weaknesses. Being aware of your natural gift and skills will make the process that much more easy when fine tuning your skills later on. The key to this whole thing is knowing thyself first.
  2. It takes passion. Sure, we can start any type of business whether catering, jewelry, or providing a writing service but, it is mandatory to have passion in the field in which one wishes to build upon. It makes life easier to get up and love our job. Anything less than that, should not be pursued because one will end up feeling resentful about wasting time on something s/he had no desire to begin in the first place.
  3. It takes drive and persistence. It is one thing to be passionate about your talent or gift, but it is another thing to be motivated to make it all come to life. I can remember waking up in the middle of the night to write music lyrics, or a script from a dream. Even on the days where I felt overwhelmingly busy by everyday life, I would still read up on my passion or watch a youtube video on ways to stay fired up about getting my work out there for the world to read. Something about the passion must serve as a steering tool to reach your destination.
  4. Do the research. It is mandatory to research your industry. Find out who are your competitors, whose in your field and are excelling. Mimic some of the things people have done in your field to get to where they have. Find out whether you will need licenses. Determine whether it will be a home business, or if you need to rent a space. Everything, down to the last detail should be researched.
  5. Network. Surrounding yourself with like minds and people who are just as hungry as you are and who will swap out services, products, and business advice can go a long way. Being a people person is major. No matter what business you decides to start, you will still be in the business of people.
  6. Write a business plan. This is probably the most tedious process of them all. It requires a combination of everything listed along with whether or not you are willing to discipline yourself to make your dream come true.
  7. Be proactive. That means marketing, telling everyone you know about your business whether through word of mouth, social media, public advertisements, in social gathering etc. It is important to take the necessary steps to get your name out there! The only way you will see your business come to life is if you do the work. Even if marketing and promoting is not your favorite thing to do, Be like Nike: Just do it.

Time management is important and urgent when starting a business. Knowing your reasons for even wanting to start one. Asking yourself a series of questions often gets the ball rolling along with understanding that success will not happen over night. There will be challenges, and there will be days where giving up seems easier; but, if you are not so discouraged enough to quit, you will realize the greatness that come come from it and will be happier with your decision to make your dreams come as oppose to wondering ‘what if’ years down the line.


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