Not Everyone Deserves Access to You

By Tequila Cheatham                            selena


Although I am African American, I happen to enjoy different genres of music. In particular, I enjoy Latin music, especially Selena. Her voice was so beautiful, but her spirit spoke beyond words. She was so influential to me that I would look up words in the Spanish dictionary to translate her songs. As I grew older, I grew an obsession with her; No pun intended considering her murderer was extremely obsessed which is argued to be one of the main reasons for her death. I found myself listening to her music, watching her documentaries, and grew a love for her self-titled movie starring Jennifer Lopez.

Upon watching one of the documentaries about her passing, I discovered she and I shared a similarity: A genuine care for people and life. In this documentary, the words of her father rang in my ears as if he was speaking to me. He said he warned Selena about the danger of allowing people to be too close to her. As a father, he was aware of her worth, and knew the bigness of her heart would attract some of the wrong people; but, Selena could not allow the mentality of others to change how her true nature which unfortunately led to her demise.

I, too, have allowed others into my circle that were jealous and competitive. Competition can be a good thing, but not when it’s driven by hate. Let’s face it, there are some who will hate anything you do because they do not like the fact they are not doing it. It is more of a reflection on themselves. Being such a people person, I never imagined having rivalries especially when I’m so quick to share what I have. To some, I am a reminder of everything they are not which makes them uncomfortable if they have self-esteem issues.

Allowing everyone to have access to you can be detrimental to your health spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and financially. That is not to say we should not connect with those who we know need the connection; it simply means we have the password to our safe and not everyone should have access to that code. Why? Because you will find yourself robbed of your valuables.

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