Inside the Mind of a Writer

The writing process is…just that: a process.

There’s a level of intimacy that one must undergo with his or her thoughts in order to paint a vivid picture using words.

There’s an exchange of vulnerability that occurs between your thoughts and the page.

You’re constantly invited back into past experiences and moments when you felt…something, and who, what, when, where, how, and why.

The writing process is beyond


2. Draft

3. Revise

4. Edit

5. Share

The pre-writing stage is where all the magic happens. The draft, revise, and edit stages make you doubt yourself sometimes because you want it to be perfect so, there’s a level of panic right before you get to that last step, share.

It’s not easy sharing your deepest ideas, experiences, beliefs, convictions, opinions, expectations, dreams, fears, hopes, love affairs, and break-ups especially with people you know because they have no idea you think the way you do which makes you weird. They begin to see you as someone who lives in his or her own world when the truth is you’re living in theirs and just trying to make sense of it all while still attempting to live in the moment.

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