I Failed…

By Tequila Cheatham McCray

    It’s easy for most to brag about accomplishments. We get excited and want to tell the world about something done “correctly” whether it’s tying a shoe, learning to drive, being accepted into the college of our choice, getting hired at a high paying job, buying a house, and even starting a family. What people don’t do often enough though is admit to how difficult it is to attain those things. People allow others in to wait for them at the finish line, which makes it look easy and make others assume it must have been easy because they don’t get to witness the entire journey.

What was the process like while you were going after that goal? What personal situations were you battling mentally during that time? Did you have an argument with your spouse the night before having a major presentation? Did you have a meltdown before interviewing for that important job? How many rejection letters did you received, or how many businesses turned down your proposal before being approved by another college, or corporation?

Let’s face it: People are embarrassed to admit to failing at something. No one wants to be laughed at, told, “I knew it” or be looked upon as an incompetent loser for not accomplishing what made that person cancel nights out with friends/family, or sacrifice leisure activities simply to say “I didn’t get the job,” “They didn’t offer me a book deal,” or “I’m getting a divorce” after twenty years because no one wants to be judged.

Guess what? Failure is apart of the journey. People won’t appreciate your story unless you tell them in detail what happened. They won’t enjoy the ride because you didn’t offer them to get in the car. Without the role of failure, you will not be encouraged and motivated to pursue the goal more aggressively and strategically the next time!

So, stop being afraid to admit that you failed, or that you’re not good at something. Stand in your truth. You may be, unexpectedly, inspiring someone else who’s watching. If they cannot see the real journey, being traveled by a real person, they will never know whether it is really possible. No one succeeds at everything the first time without struggle. Failure is necessary for success.

In the words of motivational speaker, Les Brown, “It’s not over until you win!”

Pic credit goes to: quotesideas.com

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