When I was lonely

Yet surrounded by many “friends”

No one befriended me except…God.

When I was struggling, fighting for air

After sinking in an ocean of pain

No one rescued me except…God.

When I was in need of

spiritual tune-ups

No one could repair my soul


When all I felt was sadness

And needed one to pull me through,

Everyone gave up on me


When all I need is to be

Loved unconditionally

No one can do it like,


-Taken from the poetry book, Dueces & Hearts by Tequila Cheatham

Photo Credit: Property of the GrapeVine Sway

2 thoughts on “God”

  1. Deborah Dessaso says:

    Oh, how true this is! Isn’t it wonderful to know that nothing…absolutely nothing…can separate us from the love of God???

    Stay blessed!

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