Happiness Shouldn’t Depend On People, Unless…

Tequila Cheatham | November 14, 2017

By Tequila Cheatham   We’ve all been there: Someone comes along and feed our love language to the point we become addicted. We put off things-to-do just to spend time with the person. Sooner than later, that person is our…..

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You Can’t Share People, People!

Tequila Cheatham | November 8, 2017

By Tequila Cheatham As children, you are told to share everything: your snacks, toys, crayons, hair brush, and even clothes. If you were one of the selfless children, you shared without hesitation because you wanted others to experience a joy…..

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Write A Love Letter

Tequila Cheatham | August 23, 2017

By Tequila Cheatham Remember the first time you wrote a letter for that special crush in your class? Do you remember how you felt when you received a nice note from someone who really liked you expressing how much they…..

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