Body Shaming

By Tequila Cheatham

The world is filled with much negativity. The media is constantly telling women to alter ourselves to be more appealing for men.  Wait, what? If someone likes you, it should be for your spirit and great character, right?

Many times women put pressure on themselves to be more attractive. What is portrayed in the media is not how real women look. The models in the magazines, on the commercials, and everywhere else are oftentimes really thin, with straight hair, and blue eyes.  That does not mean they are not beautiful. It simply means that society should be more open-minded when it pertains to the real images of a 3D woman in real times. Not only are most of those models under the age of twenty-five, but they also have similar body types which does not represent every woman. So, are mothers not considered sexy because they had kids?

Growing up, I was always told that I was too thin. I was called names, I was teased by the boys, and I carried low self-esteem in my pocket. No one likes to be called a twig just like no one likes to be call a fat pig. Body shaming has got to stop! I will never forget watching Tyra Banks go off on all of the people who have ever teased her growing up. It was so emotional and heartbreaking that I began to cry. I cried for all of the times someone called me a name. I cried for others who were belittled for the same; and, I cried more for people who has ever felt shame.

Listen up. We are who we are. If anyone has a problem with the way we are, guess what? That’s their problem. As long as we’re happy when we look in the mirror, we can give two damns about what anyone else has to say. When people degrade us for our size that simply means they are insecure about themselves. Otherwise, why else would they care about our bodies so much? Where I am from, if you are too thin, they force food down your throat; but, when you become unhealthily big, it becomes another issue. I use to HATE when people tried to force me to eat because they thought I was too skinny. It made me hate the way I look. I had to dig deep inside of myself, put on a smile, and pretend like it didn’t bother me; Afterwhile, it did not bother me. One thing about it, if a person is not happy with oneself, all of that name calling can cause psychological issues. Take time to build the spirit. That way no one can ever hurt you with stupid words or their stupid insecurities.  Instead, rise above and defeat them from every angle.


Find something you like about yourself, and promote it for a week. Find another thing you like about yourself and promote it the next week. Continue to do that until you LOVE everything about yourself, inside and out. Just know you are beautiful, and will not tolerate disrespect from anyone. Not even your damn self.

Have you ever been teased about your body? Tell us.


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