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Kid Again


By Tequila Cheatham McCray

I want to be
A kid again.
No pressure
To do everything
Just wake up
Winging it.
No worries of
Losing weight,
Just eating,
What life has
To offer.
No judgements,
Only curious
About the color
Of leaves
In the fall,
Playing with dolls,
And basketball.
No political correctness
Just, free
To be
In a world that forbids
Without calling
It a crime.
Willingness to learn
Without information
Spoiling the fun.
I want to run,
And chase
In a dress
And sneakers.
Trip over
Loose shoe strings
And cry
Not because of pain
Not because the scrape
Is ugly
And everyone will see
And make fun of me
But because someone
Will be there to help
Pick up the pieces
I left on the ground
After realizing
I have many more times
In life to get it right.

The Eight Sexiest 4-Letter Words to an Entrepreneur

By Tequila Cheatham McCray

  Listen, entrepreneurship is downright difficult. It requires a lot of time, patience, and putting in the work on a consistent basis. As passionate as you may be about your business, there is nothing fun and sexy about staying up late, forgetting to eat, neglecting family, and be a hermit for months at a time. At some point, you begin to question whether it is really worth it…but, oneday, one fine day, you are reminded how exciting entrepreneurship is when you hear or see the following words:

  1. Sold! Whew, chile there is nothing like seeing an on-demand customer who pays up front and centered. That moment you realize someone buys a product, invests in a service, or even if your event sells out, you may do a little victory dance and it gives you energy to carry out the next mission!
  2. Paid! There is nothing like checking your invoice to see that your customer made a first time, second, or third payment. Whether a returning customer or a new one, seeing those numbers in green inspire you to want to find more creative ways to get others to buy. Right?
  3. Full! If you plan an event and realize you have a packed house the day of, it is the most amazing feeling!  Those people believed in you enough to purchase a ticket to hear you speak in person. They could’ve easily watched the videos you post with quick tips but, they decided to come in-person hoping to meet you because in some small way, you give them courage and inspiration to not give up in their business, to push forward despite the difficulties. Talk about inspiring!
  4. Done! It takes hours to complete projects in order to put them out to the world. No matter if you’re taking hours to create a masterclass, a new design for an outfit, or writing a book, it takes time and persistence to get the project finished. When you finally put the last touch on a dress, or put the last period at the end of a sentence, you can take a deep breath and finally release the tension that was built up throughout the process. It’s such an incredible feeling to know you complete a project because it is one step closer to being released and available for customers.
  5. Sale! Whether you are doing a flash sale, or buying necessary inventory and training courses from another business, this word attracts anyone around the world! Everyone wants to catch a sale! It’s a great way to get rid of your current inventory while making a few quick bucks. It works great for both the business owner and the customer.
  6. Vend! Anytime there is a vending opportunity to meet new people, it causes such excitement. Welcoming a rush of people to your table, networking, and making cash on the spot is always worth it. Even if you don’t make as much as you’d want, at least your brand will be exposed to a new set of people who can potentially turn into customers in the future. That’s also a chance to build relationships which is important for business longevity.
  7. Grew! To know that you went from zero to one hundred customers is such a rewarding experience. Sure, it may have taken you a while but, you made it happen. Even if you only have three customers that is way better than the zero you started with, and even if you have none at the moment, keep putting out information to encourage someone to at least want to inquire about your business. That person may want to invest in you later on.
  8. Rest! Okay, just to be honest, this is probably the most unattractive of them all, initially. At first, it may not seem so appealing because you’re always going to feel like there’s work to be done and any moment you spend not contributing to your business can feel like a waste. Listen, resting is a part of your contribution to your business. You can’t overwork yourself to the point you’re stressed and not enjoying the process. Entrepreneurship is a journey, not a one day thing. Yes, it takes blood, sweat, tears, and sleepless nights but, it also calls for rest. You can’t be your best if you’re stressed (T-shirt moment! You heard it here first). Eventually, you will see how important it is to step away for a second to go do something you enjoy, or to go spend time with family. You’ll notice that you will feel recharged, refreshed, and ready to get going when you come back from your break.

 Man, if these words don’t make you want to put on your sexiest work outfit and strut to T.I.’ song, “You Can Tell How I Walk” then entrepreneurship may not be for you.

What other four letter words make you fan yourself? Phew!

Paid – Inscription on Red Rubber Stamp Isolated on White.
Photo Cred: istockphotos.com

Top 5 Reasons People Lie

By Tequila Cheatham McCray

Question #1: How much do you value the truth? Oh really? Question #2: When was the last time you lied about something? Now, go back and ask yourself question number one again. Let’s be honest: We all have lied at some point or another for whatever reasons. Maybe if you told your spouse you cheated last year, there is a strong possibility that he/she would end up leaving you; Your children may tell a story about not writing on the wall because they are afraid you would be mad and put them on punishment; Maybe you told your mother you don’t have money to lend her this week even though you just got paid but you don’t want to contribute to her alcohol problems. No matter the case, people lie for many different reasons.

  1. They are afraid to disappoint their loved one. Have you ever heard of the phrase, “I lie to you because I care about your feelings?” What? It doesn’t make sense when it I said aloud but what they may really be saying is they don’t want to disappoint you for doing something they wanted to do in which you happen to be against.
  2. They are narcissists. They only care about their own personal gain. They do it to boost their careers and to make themselves look good. They could care less about your feelings, and they are very weak self-esteem issues. Someone who has confidence in themselves will not be afraid to tell you the truth, and they won’t wait for you to ask. They are be forthright and be willing to “suffer the consequences” of their actions and to continue to work on their behavior.  Let’s face it, no one is perfect but, narcissism is a personality disorder that can only be helped by medical professionals and a humbling experience.
  3. They don’t respect you or themselves. Honestly, a person who respects you would not lie to your face. They are taking your presence for granted. If someone truly honors your presence in their lives, they will do whatever it is necessary to make sure you stay, not cause you to be insecure and run you away. If that person knows how valuable you are and how much you add to their lives, they wouldn’t even disrespect self in that capacity because it shows self-hate. If one loves self, they’d be honest with self. This goes back to self-identity, and self-esteem; and, if they truly love self, they’d know what it means to love you. Love is not blatantly rude.
  4. They want to cover their mistakes.  Sometimes, people do make genuine mistakes. To avoid being judged by others, they’d rather lie and hope to still keep their reputation intact.  So, in essence, they are lying because they are protecting themselves from harsh critic from outsiders who may or may not understand. No one likes being misunderstood.
  5. You tolerate the lies. You thought this was just about them? Oh no, no,no, this is definitely about you too. You contribute to the string of lies that are being told to you. They know you are going to stay, take them back, or forgive them so they continue to tell half-truths, white lies, and cover up parts of the story because they can get away with it each and every time.

It’s time to change the way we use words. Honesty has become a heavy word that not everyone knows how to use because of…fear. That’s what it all boils down to: being afraid the truth may or may not set them free. If you simply lead by example by being straight forward in a tender way, it may ring the alarm for the person who’s on the other end but at least you came clean. You have the power to change the trajectory of how the world creates relationships. By laying a foundation of honesty, you will build trust. You are so quick to place value in areas that you cannot hold up yourself which is unfair, unrealistic, and wrong. Hold yourself accountable first, so we can do so with those around us.