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This group of talented poets/actors will travel to perform original written, short plays using poetic language. From comedy to drama, you’ll want this group at an anniversary, birthday party, or any other event to entertain to the people, and potentially, spread the word…..

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The Fruit   At the end of the day, The Grapevine Sway LLC is about giving back to the next generation, whose ultimate responsibility is to continue on with what they were taught. In today’s world, children and teenagers are lacking…..



We do provide tutoring services, so Contact us today.

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Happily Taken

Tequila Cheatham | May 16, 2020

Featured Poem Written by Coi You look at me like I’m familiar… but familiar feelings cannot fill the emptiness I feel behind your intentions To the social media girl that believes flashing a smile in my inbox will get me…..

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Tequila Cheatham | May 15, 2020

Featured, Written by V.Lynn Just leave me where you found me Blissfully unbothered Heart unscathed Return me as you found me Since you can’t help but misbehave. I’ll act like I don’t know you Crack a slim smile Stranger, you…..

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My First Apology

Tequila Cheatham | May 14, 2020

Featured Poem by G.S. Could youuncomplicate itMake it simpleSo my brain can take it.No love pleaseDon’t take my words offensivelyI just….Want my world to feel as happy asI know you to be. Place your hand over my heartAnd feel how…..

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